10 Key Preparation Tips For Management Consulting Interviews

10 Key Preparation Tips For Management Consulting Interviews

This is my last post in the administration counseling meeting arrangement. Past points included contextual investigations, followup inquiries, and fit meetings.

Here, I’ll concentrate on 10 key strides to plan for  interviews. As a general recommendation, the most ideal approach to end up noticeably an extraordinary questioner is to meet in genuine circumstances regularly – in this way the reason behind spreading a wide net and applying to many company.

Case study preparation

If you want to join Mckinsey, you have to prepare alot for the interview. It can be rough and painful. You need to become master in consulting case studies to get more chances for the interview. And it also take alot of effort and time for it. Here is the tips:

1. Read Case In Point – a high-quality, 100% case-focused resource.

2. Review Victor Cheng’s Case Interview Secrets – a former McKinsey consultant, Victor has a great handle on successful case tips and techniques.

3. Practice cases with friends – if no friends have relevant experience or interest, search Craigslist, consulting forums, and the like for partners.

4. Work on measuring and estimation addresses constantly (e.g., in the event that you see a Lexus while driving, consider what number of Lexuses are fabricated in the U.S.). Sounds senseless, however this is the way you turn out to be quick and ingenious.

5. Practice online cases – most consulting firm websites have plenty of cases (Bain even has simulated video case studies). The key here is to attempt answering the question before reading the real answer. There are good consulting websites with case resources as well, including Rice’s Consulting Club.

Fit interview preparation

1. Generate sample fit interview questions and prepare outlined responses – the key is to avoid rote memorization, but outline your main points. A useful resource is my guide to consulting interview questions.

2. Practice responses in front of a mirror – this helps you become comfortable with body language, pacing, tone, etc.

3. Practice with friends – have them ask you questions without prepared responses. Improvisational interview skills will serve you well far into the future.

General interview preparation tips

  1. Wear something that looks great and makes you feel certain – keep in mind the energy of first appearances. Dress like an advisor, and you’ll appear as though you have a place. Incredible post on counseling dress codehere.
  2. Converse with the greatest number of present and previous advisors as you can – the better you comprehend the work, the more agreeable you are with counseling terms like “on the shoreline” and “extension,” the better you’ll do. It’s additionally extraordinary for work organizing.

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