Becoming a Management Consultant: Opportunities for those who dare to challenge themselves

Becoming a Management Consultant: Opportunities for those who dare to challenge themselves

How to become a management consultant in the market which is bustling with names such as McKinsey, BCG … In the face of severe economic storms, customers (within the scope of the article, please use the word “customer” to Describe how businesses use consultants) utilize resources from consultants. Who can participate in consulting?How to become a management consultant

Being called a business doctor requires that you have the skills, knowledge, skills, logical thinking and other competencies needed to diagnose and treat the condition. success. The above requirements have made many people evaluate this difficult work, not suitable for professional so it is difficult to participate, so who can participate in this job? The answer is that all those who are passionate, willing to learn and accept the challenge can join this profession.

According to McKinsey, professional consultants come from a variety of backgrounds: 72% have engineering backgrounds, 7% have social skills, and the rest are economics specialists. At the same time, leading conglomerates such as McKinsey are always open to newly qualified graduates and dare to challenge themselves.

Diverse choice

Most large corporations have multiple consulting services. Clients are currently recruiting rather than a few consultants to develop strategies, evaluate the effectiveness of the organization, apply technological solutions and advance to e-commerce. Because of the diverse nature of the industry, when choosing the management consulting industry as the future career path, you can choose different areas to develop your future.

Some areas of management consulting:

– Strategic Management

– Financial management

– Information Technology

– Marketing management and distribution

– Human resources management

– Operational management

– Quality Management

– Knowledge management

– E-commerce

– Social responsibility in business

The way to become a professional management consultant

To become a professional consultant in a consulting firm, Prof. Friedrich Bock – EMBA MCI program instructor has five basic levels: information analyst, consultant, senior consultant, director of consultants, associates which is the basic model that the consulting firm is applied in the training and development of personnel. These five levels reflect the professional status of the consultant as well as the knowledge, experience and responsibility of a project as well as the company. And according to the professor, a basic principle that consultants want to develop themselves needs to update their knowledge and experience to the higher levels. The average time taken by an information analyst to become a partner in a consulting firm can be from 15 to 20 years in the profession and through a variety of projects and activities. With the diversity of areas in the consulting industry, as well as the requirements for staffing and the length of time required to become a partner in a consulting firm, are great challenges for those who dare. commitment But in return you will receive a huge amount of knowledge, supporters for businesses, units difficult and will earn a lot of money with what you have invested. Therefore, it will be an opportunity for you to challenge yourself.

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