Frequently Asked Situation Questions in Interviews

Handling situation questions during the interview are not easy. You will be pressured psychologically, on time. Therefore, you can hardly resolve the problem at this time. But if you know a few pre-interview situations, it is likely that you will easily overcome and persuade the employer. Here are some of the most common situation questions in the interview.


In the interview the vague answers are meaningless.

  1. Do you ever have to do multiple jobs/plans with the same deadline? If so, how do you solve it? This question evaluates the commitment, ability to solve the situation, and the ability to organize work, managing the time of the candidate. Or sometimes, the employer also wants to try to see if the candidate is capable of pressure?
  2. Have you never completed your assigned tasks? When is that? This solution question is designed to assess how well the candidate responds to adverse situations, as well as to examine the applicant’s candidness. Therefore, you need to straighten out and come up with a smart solution to this question in order to win the trust of the employer.
  3. If the customer is angry, how will you handle it? This sentence will assess the candidate’s customer service skills, consider the candidate’s problem-solving skills.
  4. If there are 2 attractive jobs to welcome you, what is your choice? Evaluate the degree of assertiveness and how the candidate makes the decision. Also consider what the candidate’s interest is, whether they are fit for the company.
  5. What was the most recent issue that you and your former boss disagreed with? How did you solve it? This sentence will assess the manager’s ability to manage and see if he or she can negotiate ideas or not.
  6. If I’m a customer, how do you convince me to buy your product? Assess the candidate’s persuasiveness, presentation and communication skills. At the same time, employers also want to look at how creative they are in leading a candidate’s career.
  7. For old jobs, what do you dislike the most and what are you most satisfied with? To assess the motivation and personality of the candidate. Many employers will evaluate the candidate’s suitability for the company environment before making a hiring decision.
  8. How did you handle the job when the last-minute change was requested? Evaluate whether the candidate is flexible and capable of responding quickly.
  9. When do you fail to do what you do to overcome it? This sentence evaluates the candidate’s resilience and attitude towards the risk.


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