Stress: How to reduce stress before the job interview

Interviewing is always a stressful but decisive round. It is important that you keep calm and confident to answer the questions the employer gives you. Here are some methods that can help you reduce stress before starting the interview.

reduce stress in the interview

Overcoming Job Interview Anxiety: Reduce Stress & Get Hired!

Understand the work and the workplace

When receiving the interview preparation, look carefully for information related to the company or organization where you are interviewed. Learn as much as possible about previous interviews and study the types of questions that may be required.

Knowing more about new work, even if it’s just basic information, can help you prepare better and reduce stress before your interview.

Health attention

Do not let your body get tired before the interview, as it makes you feel anxious and distracted. It is advisable for you to get enough sleep before the interview.

Limit the use of caffeine

Justin Schamotta, a psychology bachelor from the University of Plymouth, said: “Compared to death or divorce, stress in job interviews is just a fleeting moment. However, the results that the interview brings are likely to change the lives of many people. “

Limit the use of stimulants, especially caffeine (high in coffee) before answering the interview, because caffeine only increases the level of stress. It can make you feel unstable and increase your heart rate, making you feel more anxious and nervous instead of reducing stress.

Arrive early half an hour

You may arrive more than half an hour before your interview begins. You will have plenty of time to review the notes, edit the outfits as well as prepare for the upcoming interview.

Take off your coat

If you come to interview with a jacket, take it off before going to the interview. Feeling hot, stuffy can make you tense. Once you are ready, if you have time, walk back and relax. By doing so you will be able to recharge and calmer before going to the interview.

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath, so comfortable. Breathing properly will help to reduce stress and calm the nervous system. In addition, the secret is to imagine an interview that takes place anywhere from 5-10 minutes before the actual interview begins. This will help you reduce stress and regain confidence to have a quick, quick and successful interview.

Motivate yourself

You have to try yourself when you are alone, and it has a tremendous mental boost, especially before you step into the interview room. You can be self-motivated, as long as you do not let anyone hear you.

Many studies have demonstrated the positive effect of talking alone. Instead of using the pronoun “I / I / I”, you can use “you/ you/me” or your own name to speak, this action helps stress “like the string” less stress.

Stop imagining what you are about to say

The basic mistake that most people make when they want to make an initial impression to the interviewer is that you just focus on what you’re about to say that’s interesting but not the way you look at the person. What is sharing with you?

Professor Lillian Glass, a behavioural and body language expert, said: “Make you interesting, not just your appearance.” Discussions between you and the employer will be fruitful if you do not let your soul hang up branches with your own thoughts.

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