Working environment and life at McKinsey: What I like and do not like

Working environment and life at McKinsey: What I like and do not like

McKinsey is a global leader in business strategy consulting. With new graduates, becoming a McKinsey consultant is a dream come true for many people. First of all, they will have a very professional working environment, very high salary and very personal experience. I would recommend this article to those who are pursuing the dream into this prestigious corporation.

Life at McKinsey

The first is life at the McKinsey: Points I do not like

Work life could not balance. Typically, the project itself that finished before 11 pm night is called good lifestyle and working at night is routine. In short, in the weekday you are the victim of work, just eat, sleep and do nothing else. By the end of the week to sleep a bit and then go out to play all day. In addition, the travelling is continuous. Within a day that morning, you are in Indonesia, afternoon in Singapore, evening in Vietnam, is completely normal in McKinsey. Although staying in 5-star hotels, flying to many different countries each week will likely make you excited initially, but will be depressing afterwards.

Personally, I think men are better with the life at Mckinsey, women are maybe unsustainable (at least for me). Nearly 2.5 years and a half work in McKinsey, I almost lost contact with friend and somehow family a lot! However, the dedicate time has been determined to be worth learning. There are a few colleagues who share with me is 1-2 years doing McKinsey 3-4 years doing elsewhere. It is too well because of too much learning, too many works too, so this is the fair point.

The second is the working environment in McKinsey


Learning opportunity: You have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects in a very short time and have countless resources to learn. The company has a learning portal (like intranet, there are many courses like publications, courses, web. To learn, you just sign up or search is a series of materials related to the topic you find out for you to read, and experts (before every study, I usually reach out to the expert on the topic you want to find out. Talking and asking them what they cannot find, answers or trends and so on.

Human: Have to say that McKinsey’s people are awesome. Everyone is smart but very collaborative and helpful. Everyone is open to sharing or helping you. Unlike other companies, access to McKinsey is very high. Talking to Director or Partner is a daily affair. As each team also has leadership that you meet at least 1-2 weeks, sometimes go through the room “I talk to you a little,” then sit talking. At McKinsey, there is no hierarchy, same expense policy. In addition, everyone is super smart so you can learn a lot when working with the colleagues and leaders, and always challenge yourself. The last point on people is the global reach. The team at McKinsey is always mixed from different countries on the same project (due to related experience) and partner/expert is everywhere. Doing a study in the US where the team is full of people, all skin colour is normal. Which is McKinsey culture “work hard, play hard” so I super enjoy.

Growth opportunity: In the company, everyone will have an official mentor, who always listen to always understand you give the roadmap to improve yourself, they care you as a person.

Finally, one thing I emphasize to you is that it should be passion driven, otherwise McKinsey will be a nightmare for you.

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